NOT a Countermeasure. NOT a Shield. Electronic Harassment is DEAD.

The Truth Will Set You Free eBook




eBook: The Truth Will Set You Free:

How to Disentrain from Neuro-Electromechanically Engineered Mind-Control in 90 Days, Guaranteed

Unauthorized and Explosive! The Only
Anti-Electronic-Mind-Control Protocol Ever
for Targeted Individuals

Written by Targeted Individual and
Counterintelligence Professional

Electric Angel Targeted Individual

50 Years of Mind-Control Terror Ends Here

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The Truth Will Set You Free has two mandates. The first is to reveal and demystify Electronic Harassment and its secrets. What is Electronic Harassment? What are the Perpetrators doing to Targeted Individuals? Here, you will learn the real truth about it and the mechanism that makes it possible. You'll first need to know the TECHNOLOGY involved, before you start to disentrain. Thus, this lively eBook pries deeply into the advanced technologies used by the Perpetrators and unmasks the one critical technology that the Perpetrators do not want you to know!

The second mandate of The Truth Will Set You Free is to set you free of Electronic Harassment, so that you can go forth, into the future, as a FREE human being. If it sounds too good to be true, it isn't. The Truth Will Set You Free is where you'll get not only the truth about Electronic Harassment, but also clear, effective step-by-step instructions on how to get rid of mind-controlling Perpetrators in under three months, guaranteed.

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