NOT a Countermeasure. NOT a Shield. Electronic Harassment is DEAD.

About Electric Angel

About The Author

Electric Angel is a Targeted Individual. She has been targeted for over twelve years by organized stalkers in a sinister and covert electronic harassment campaign involving V2k (Voice-to-skull), mind-reading, intention-reading, body-control, emotional-control, sleep deprivation, audio (music) torture, ELF, sexual manipulation and ultrasonic interference, among others.

In January 2010, approximately two years after the harassment commenced and after much research, she decided shed had enough of being remotely harassed.

Following her instinct, Electric Angel began implementing certain strategies and in so doing, learned by accidental design the secret mechanisms of V2k and the key to electronic mind-control, body-control and emotional-control, or rather, the key to destroying these phenomena. What followed was a remote showdown between Targeted Individual and Perpetrators and the revelation of a powerful new ally for Targeted Individuals: Electric Angel discovered the PERPETRATOR PARADOX (or Perp Quandary), an advanced concept wherein the Perpetrators own technology turns against itself, setting the target free.

The culmination of Electric Angels knowledge and proactive approach to reacquiring her freedom resulted in the secession of all V2k, mind-control, body-control and emotional-control and perhaps an end to the age of sinister Perpetrator domination worldwide. The Truth Will Set You Free is the amazing and true account of how Electric Angel versed the Perpetrators and won back her privacy, credibility and right to self-determination with cunning and ingenuity born out of desperation to be free.

The Truth Will Set You Free unveils Electric Angels exclusive anti-electronic-mind-control protocol in the GRID EXIT METHOD (GEM). Packed with techniques that require little or low effort by TIs to implement for the short duration of treatment, GEM, incorporating the Perpetrator Paradox, is the most powerful tool a TI could possibly hope to discover, offering the first guaranteed redress for electronic mind-control victims and rescue from life-long harassment.

In her previous life, Electric Angel was a language and communications expert who specialized in written content for various media. She no longer practices in her chosen profession for fear of further reprisal from organized stalkers who have infiltrated the media industry.

Authors words were prophetic

Electric Angels Perpetrators targeted her over the festive season in 2009 with a powerful V2k and body-control attack spanning Thanksgiving and Christmas, in front of her children, ruining the vacation for everyone present and bringing an atrocious end to an equally atrocious year. But on the 1st of January, 2010 (READ: 01.01.10 in binary code), she promised her Perpetrators that 2010 would be the Year of the Gangstalker in which the most secret and corrupt methodologies employed in Organized Stalking would be exposed. Several months later, her words proved prophetic when she walked away from her Perpetrators a free woman. She wrote The Truth Will Set You Free: How to Disentrain from Neuro-Electromechanically Engineered Mind-Control in 90 Days, Guaranteed, and The 7 Keys to V2k: How to Unlock the Secrets of the Original Electronic Mind-Control Patents while disentraining from electronic mind-control, in the interest of setting Targeted Individuals the world over free from remote electronic assault. Her number one interest in life is to expose the secret and heinous methodologies of the Perpetrator community and to bring an end to the atrocities of the mind-control decades.

The author said it best when she said, 68 years of mind-control terror ends here. She now enjoys life after mind-control, which no one in the Targeted Individual community thought possible until this very day.