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Secrets of V2k Technology and what Targeted Individuals don't know
About Neuro-Electromechanical Entrainment...

And Why Targeted Individuals Can Be Set Free From Electronic Mind-Control, V2k, Emotional-Control and Body-Control... Starting Today

(...And here's how I did it too, step by liberating step...)

From the Head-Quarters of Electric Angel
Electronic Harassment Expert and TI:

Electric Angel Targeted Individual

Dear Targeted Individual

Thank you for visiting The website is for victims of Organized Stalking/Electronic Harassment (OS/EH) who are remotely mind-controlled and monitored 24/7 by Perpetrators using a covert Radio Frequency (RF) and is published in the interest of providing such Targeted Individuals with voice to skull countermeasures and electronic harassment countermeasures for the four main forms of electronic harassment, namely mind-control, voice-to-skull, V2k, and gangstalking.


My groundbreaking new eBook, The Truth Will Set You Free: How to Disentrain from Neuro-Electromechanically Engineered Mind-Control in 90 Days, Guaranteed is not only the first eBook ever published on the elusive subject of entrainment, it is also the first anti-electronic-mind-control program every written for Targeted Individuals on the subject of voice to skull countermeasures. This extremely important eBook will show you how to rid yourself of electronic harassment in 90 days, using a never before revealed approach that is guaranteed to work. For less than the price of a shielding device from an electronics expert, I will show you electronic harassment countermeasures that work, permanently and forever.

The Truth Will Set You Free eBook

eBook: The Truth Will Set You Free:

How to Disentrain from Neuro-Electromechanically Engineered Mind-Control in 90 Days, Guaranteed

Unauthorized and Explosive! The Only
Anti-Electronic-Mind-Control Protocol Ever
for Targeted Individuals

Written by Targeted Individual and
Counterintelligence Professional

Electric Angel Targeted Individual

50 Years of Mind-Control Terror Ends Here

The Truth Will Set You Free has two mandates. The first is to reveal and demystify Electronic Harassment and its secrets. What is Electronic Harassment? What are the Perpetrators doing to Targeted Individuals? Here, you will learn the real truth about it and the mechanism that makes it possible. You'll first need to know the TECHNOLOGY involved, before you start to disentrain. Thus, this lively eBook pries deeply into the advanced technologies used by the Perpetrators and unmasks the one critical technology that the Perpetrators do not want you to know!

The second mandate of The Truth Will Set You Free is to set you free of Electronic Harassment, so that you can go forth, into the future, as a FREE human being. If it sounds too good to be true, it isn't. The Truth Will Set You Free is where you'll get not only the truth about Electronic Harassment, but also clear, effective step-by-step instructions on how to get rid of mind-controlling Perpetrators in under three months, guaranteed.

When you purchase The Truth Will Set You Free, you're just minutes away from discovering...

Blue Bullet The technology behind Electronic Harassment: Many have no idea, some have suspected, that this is the technology thats behind Electronic Harassment. Without this important technological component, Electronic Harassment is dead.

PS: This information alone is worth the price of admission. A must-read for TIs!

Blue Bullet The secret nature of Covert Entrainment Technology: Electric Angel looks into the covert and secretive technology used by the Perpetrators in order to entrain Targeted &Individuals in their own homes! Exclusive intel from Electric Angel.

Blue Bullet The secret nature of Electromagnetic Exposure: Electric Angel peers into the heinous aspect of Electronic Harassment, namely electromagnetic entrainment, so often reported by Targeted Individuals after their experiences. In her expose, she looks at why Perpetrators use electromagnets for the purpose of entrainment

Blue Bullet The shocking abuse of Advanced Technology: This is why other people (non-targets) are advised to acknowledge the very existence of V2k and mind-control because they should ignore this shocking information at their peril!

Blue Bullet The final solution to Body- and Emotional-Control: The information herein is the definitive answer to invasive body-control (bodycon) and emotional-control (emocon) and effectively removes all forms of Electronic Harassment.

Blue Bullet The answer to a Heinous Question Long Asked: We, as Targeted Individuals of the new Millennium are mostly unaware that Voice-to-skull and Electronic Harassment has been going on for half a century. V2k has a history. View the very origins of Electronic Harassment presented in historical timelines.

Blue Bullet The evidence that God has heard Targeted Individuals Prayers: Here, Electric Angel uncovers the astounding Word of God, who has resolved the matter of Targeted Individuals versus Perpetrators in accordance with a biblical principle. Read how the Perpetrators ultimately lose the war they have waged against Christians.

Blue Bullet The anti-mind-control protocol: the Grid Exit Method: This countermeasure to end all countermeasures the Grid Exit Method (GEM) restores the sanity, privacy, silence and right to self-determination of Targeted Individuals, forever.

Blue Bullet The demise of V2k and Mind-Control in the 21st Century: As a permanent inclusion on the Web, learn how Electric Angels eBooks will ensure the decline and inevitable demise of Electronic Harassment as we know it.

Now lets take a look at what you'll get...

REPORT CONTENT: The Truth Will Set You Free is a substantial read at 55 pages. It contains an introduction, seven chapters and an epilogue, dedicated to exposing the very nature of Electronic Harassment and removing it:

Chapter 1: Demystifying Neuro-Electromechanical Entrainment
Chapter 2: Identifying the Architecture of Neuro-Electromechanical Entrainment
Chapter 3: Demystifying Voice-to-Skull, Mind-Control, Emotional-Control and Body-Control
Chapter 4: Symptoms of Neuro-Electromechanical Entrainment
Chapter 5: Diagnosis of Neuro-Electromechanical Entrainment
Chapter 6: The Grid Exit Method
Chapter 7: The Way Forward

INTRODUCING: THE GRID EXIT METHOD In The Truth Will Set You Free, Electric Angel introduces the GRID EXIT METHOD (GEM), the technology-based anti-mind-control program that makes freedom a reality. GEM strikes at the Perpetrators’ most terrifying weapon, namely V2k (Voice-to-skull) and other preferred breaching and torturing techniques. Once you follow the simple disentrainment steps outlined, the Perpetrators are powerless to stop you and victory is inevitable.

What will be required from you from the anti-mind-control program? Provided you have the free and cheap tools necessary for successful disentrainment, very little effort is required! You will start undermining the Perpetrators’ efforts in as little as five minutes, begin feeling remarkably better almost instantly, and initiate taking back control of the situation urgently. And apart from the great immediacy features offered by this program, you will also feel better and better as days and weeks go by, for the duration of treatment. Just follow the step-by-step instructions once or twice a day and you’ll be free in 90 Days.

Discovered, Exploited and Documented by Electric Angel, the Perpetrator Paradox is an advanced concept in which the Perpetrators’ own technology and extended harassment technology turns against itself to set Targeted Individuals free. This essentially works when the Black and Grey technologies used by the Perpetrators are transmuted (changed) into White technology for the duration of the program, after which, they revert to being Black and Grey once more!


~ Electric Angel Presents ~



Defeats V2k, mind/body/emotional-control using Perpetrators own Radio Frequency (RF). Signal assists you to escape, whether the Perpetrators like it... or Not

Radio Frequencies and Targeted Individuals

*WARNING: This information will blow you away especially if youve tried every form of Shielding known to the Targeted Individual Community*


~ Electric Angel Presents ~



Defeats V2k, mind/body/emotional-control using the ONE THING that Targeted Individuals have been warned NOT TO CARRY on their PERSON .

Question Mark for Targeted Individuals

*WARNING: This information goes against the advice given on other OS/EH websites. You may not believe this at first*


~ Electric Angel Presents ~



Defeats V2k, mind/body/emotional-control using Cellular Phone/Microwave Tower and Mast Technology

Microwave Towers and Targeted Individuals

*WARNING: This information is so Explosive, you'll not believe your eyes. When you read how this part of the strategy works, youll start to make the plans you cancelled when the Perpetrators first started harassing you*

Summary of the Special Content of this eBook:

Red Bullet The Secret Nature of Neuro-Electromechanical Entrainment Revealed! HOT INTEL!
Red Bullet Why Shielding is Not The Answer
Red Bullet V2k and Mind-Reading: How it Works HOT INTEL!
Red Bullet Program Feature: Full Symptoms List and Diagnostic Tools HOT INTEL!

Benefits of the GRID EXIT METHOD in Summary:

Overview of features:

Red BulletDestroys V2k GUARANTEED
Red BulletDestroys Mind-Control GUARANTEED
Red BulletDestroys Emotional-Control GUARANTEED
Red BulletDestroys Body-Control GUARANTEED
Red BulletGets Rid of Extremely Low Frequencies (ELF) GUARANTEED
Red BulletGets Rid of ALL symptoms of Electronic Harassment GUARANTEED

Immediacy features:

Red BulletIncreases your level of control immediately GUARANTEED
Red BulletStarts undermining Perpetrator efforts immediately BONUS
Red BulletMakes you feel better immediately GUARANTEED

Technology features:

Red BulletLearn all about the Perpetrators technology GUARANTEED
Red BulletRelies on Free Technologies (50%) for disentrainment BONUS
Red BulletRelies on Discounted Paid or Pay-As-You-Go Technologies (50%) for disentrainment
Red BulletMakes use of Legitimate Alternative Therapy for disentrainment HOT INTEL!
Red BulletChanges Harmful Technology into Helpful Technology BONUS
Red BulletIs Not the schematic for a Bogus Shielding Device GUARANTEED
Red BulletStrikes at the Perpetrators # 1 Weapon of Choice GUARANTEED

Lifestyle Features:

Red BulletWorks while you sleep BONUS
Red BulletWorks while you rest on your sofa or bed BONUS
Red BulletWorks while you park or walk in your neighborhood HOT INTEL!
Red BulletRestores your privacy, sanity, dignity, cognition, self-determination, sociability, humor, etc
Red BulletRestores silence after V2k GUARANTEED
Red BulletRestores mental privacy after mind-reading GUARANTEED

Guarantee features:

Red BulletRids you of your Perpetrators in just one to three months, or 90 Days GUARANTEED
Red BulletPerpetrators are Powerless to stop you escaping them GUARANTEED
Red BulletVictory over your Perpetrators is Inevitable GUARANTEED
Red BulletRenders you Permanently and Inexpensively mind-control-free GUARANTEED
Red BulletNever be the victim of mind/body/emotional-control, Ever Again BONUS

Value Added features:

Red BulletSupport Feature: EXCLUSIVE! Consultancy by Email for 90 Days, Free

And if the information in The Truth Will Set You Free is not enough, you ALSO get...


In the no less compelling role of the first book written in the V2K trilogy, The 7 Keys to V2k: How to Unlock the Secrets of the Original Electronic Mind-Control Patents exposes the patents that are responsible for V2k.

This eBook, of exceeding value, is the answer to that which Targeted Individuals have long been demanding: The unmasking of the applicable patents that constitute Voice-to-skull technology.

The 7 Keys to V2k unlocks the technology presented in a series of patents. The seven keys are scattered throughout these patents. Undiscovered for decades, the patents and thus the hidden keys serve as confirmation of the existence of V2k, and the very mechanisms that make it possible.

The 7 Keys to V2k eBook

eBook: The 7 Keys to V2k:

How to Unlock the Secrets of the Original Electronic Mind-Control Patents

Exposed and Explained! Shocking Intelligence on How the V2k Invention Really Works...
Revealed for the Very First Time

Written by Targeted Individual and
Counterintelligence Professional

Electric Angel Targeted Individual

50 Years of Mind-Control Terror Ends Here

When you purchase The 7 Keys to V2k, you're just minutes away from discovering...

Blue BulletThe identity of the patents responsible for V2k: These are the four patents out of hundreds of possible suspect patents that are out there that are ultimately responsible for Voice-to-skull technology.

Blue BulletThe identity of the person responsible for the V2k invention: The person responsible for V2k is not some unknown and obscure scientist. The inventor of V2k  was an American celebrity. You will meet him face-to-face in The 7 Keys to V2k.

Blue BulletUnmasking of the technology involved in V2k: This is where Electric Angel unmasks the technology used by the Perpetrators according to the very words of the inventor of the V2k system himself, concept by concept, using contemporary, Web-based references.

Blue BulletThe identity of the 7 Keys to V2k: Heres the part where Electric Angel identifies seven cornerstones of V2k. The first six keys are heretofore unknown to the Targeted Individual community. The seventh key confirms the allegations of the Targeted Individual community.

Blue BulletThe revelation of the Master Key to V2k: What does the term V2k mean? According to the literature commonly accepted by Targeted Individuals, V2k means Voice-to-skull.
However, V2k does not mean Voice-to-skull. The Master Key unlocks the real meaning of the term, finally opening the door to understanding V2k.

PS: This information alone is worth the price of admission. Read it here, folks!

Blue BulletThe identity of the US department that commissioned V2k: Electric Angel unmasks the unscrupulous department of the US Government responsible for commissioning the research into the V2k invention... and paying the inventor for it for the greater part of adecade... with US taxpayers money!


Buy The 7 Keys to V2k and The Truth Will Set You Free eBooks

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Electric Angel Targeted Individual



Now comes the turn of The Radiohead Protocol, the book that lifts the lid off the entire electronic mind-control industry. In this day and age of disinformation, The Radiohead Protocol is the most important book to emerge in the 21st Century. It takes the reader on a journey to the past to witness the very creation of V2k by the inventor of electromagnetic mind-control. Far from being nameless, the inventor was a founding father of the New Age movement and a member of the Military Industrial Complex. He had a special interest in looking inside other people's minds, a notion he persued from the very beginning of his career, which lead to the invention of V2k and mind-reading, his life work.The invention went on to be tabled as a major mind-control program of the US government.The book then brings readers back to the present, where perpetrators currently use the very same mind-control program, created so long ago, to ruthlessly torture and harass victims in their own homes.

At 140-pages plus, The Radiohead Protocol promises to be the most exhilirating book ever written on the subject of 21st Century mind-control, and the only information that stands between V2k victims and complete world domination by a growing army of aggressive perpetrators.

The Radiohead Protocol eBook

eBook: The Radiohead Protocol:

At last V2k Mind-Control has an Alpha.
And an Omega.


The final instalment from the author of
The 7 Keys to V2k &The Truth Will Set You Free

Written by Targeted Individual and
Counterintelligence Professional

Electric Angel Targeted Individual

50 Years of Mind-Control Terror Ends Here

When you purchase The Radiohead Protocol, you're just minutes away from discovering...

Blue BulletThe identity of the original perpetrators of V2k: The life story of the inventor of V2k comes alive in rich detail, in a world-changing unauthorized biography that implicates him and two collaborators who are unquestionably responsible for creating V2k.

Blue BulletThe actual name of the registered mind-control program: V2k mind-control has an electromagnetic mind-control program associated to it... that has never been identified! PS: This information alone is worth the price of admission. A must-read for TIs!

Blue Bullet A look at the first (vintage) victims of V2k mind-control: V2k victims have been around longer than current Targeted Individuals realize. Read their earliest stories here and feel the anger rising...

Blue BulletA-list celebrities who starred in early V2k: The inventor liked to rub shoulders with the social elite. Read about the celebrities - some of them early Targeted Individuals - who moved in and out of his circle of associates...

Blue BulletThe role of the supernatural in V2k: The inventor of V2k was fascinated with the paranormal and incorporated it into his invention, subjecting Targeted Individuals, to this very day, to unexplained phenomena!

Blue BulletThe active role of the US government in V2k: And last but not least, read how the invention was bankrolled by agencies of the US government who now deny the existence of Targeted Individuals.

Summary of the Special Content of this eBook:

Red Bullet The most progressive book on the subject of V2k mind-control ever written GUARANTEED
Red Bullet The truth about Electronic Harassment revealed with no regard for perpetrator welfare whatsoever GUARANTEED
Red Bullet The gripping, true story of V2k, told for the very first time in historical and contemporary detail HOT INTEL!
Red Bullet EXCLUSIVE: The nature of Targeted Individuals and how they came to be subjected to Electronic Harassment HOT INTEL!
Red Bullet EXCLUSIVE: The mystery of paranormal activity associated to V2k mind-control exposed and explained SPOOKY! Spooky Bat
Red Bullet EXCLUSIVE: The very nature of Voice-to-Skull and the meaning of the word "Radiohead" in the book's title HOT INTEL!
Red Bullet EXCLUSIVE: The Grid Exit Method; part 2 of the powerful anti-mind-control program written by Electric Angel GUARANTEED

Let's take a look at what benefits The Radiohead Protocol has for victims...

Electric Angel Targeted IndividualThe Radiohead Protocol is an anti-mind-control product: V2k mind-control victims benefit psychologically from finally understanding mind-control.

Electric Angel Targeted IndividualThe role of gang stalkers in Electronic Harassment: Learn the nature of community stalkers, synchronicities and Street Theatre as a means of covert harassment!

Electric Angel Targeted Individual A closer look at those harassing airplanes: When Targeted Individuals claim to be harassed by airplanes, nobody believes them. Yet the inventor had a special interest in planes and pilots. Planes

Electric Angel Targeted Individual The Schizophrenia label of Targeted Individuals: Voice-hearing V2k victims are labelled as schizophrenics, but there is a well-documented historic reason for this. Find out what it is here...

Electric Angel Targeted IndividualThe nature of alien encounters in V2k: During V2k, a number of counterfeit beings emerge, such as aliens, demons, gods and Archangels. Read how the inventor was all about extraterrestrial contact. Aliens

Electric Angel Targeted IndividualA very nasty problem called mind-reading: Mind-reading is one of the most hated parts of being a Targeted Individual. Learn how the inventor and his friends created the mind-reading of Targeted Individuals today.

Electric Angel Targeted Individual The Grid Exit Method Part 2: The hottest new intelligence in fighting Electronic Harassment revealed for the first time by Electric Angel. If you are genuinely a Targeted Individual, get the real solution right here, right now.


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All Formats Supported for Targeted Individuals

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